Alexander Johansson

Alexander Johansson

Alexander Johansson made his entry in the world of techno 2002 when his first record was released, together with fellow countrymen Mattias Fridell. Early before that he produced electronic dance-music at home, often accompanied by Mattias. They were inspired by the energy & rhythmic elements coming from early hard techno in the 90s. Labels such a Planet Rhythm, Tresor & Native Diffusion set their mark in their musical direction.

Originally a guitarist, Alexander started from zero with no basic knowledge how to produce these kinds of sounds, but the goal was still there. Composing on computers, drum-machines & synthesizers soon became the everyday norm for Alexander.

With the massive success from the first classic release (which was played by; amongst others: Mark Eg, Gayle San, Cristian Valera, Bas Mooy, Jeroen Liebregts) Alexander’s objective was far from done. Many releases later for legendary labels he decided to take a break from the techno scene. But he never lost his love for music & soon performed in several bands.

Little did he know that his break would last six years, however, when he returned with new interest for the dance-music area much was changed. Techno had gone through many shapes & changes and he decided to produce techno once again. In 2010 he returned with two slamming techno records, but with a slight slower modern tempo & design, with that being said those records contained elements from the hard old-school during the 90s and 00s. His comeback was welcomed by many, and once again he teamed up with Mattias Fridell.

Re-building his contacts in the scene & producing more music then ever, Alexander shows that he is back in full flavour.